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Caipirinha: The National Cocktail of Brazil

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I recently paid a visit to Cubanita’s in Milwaukee, WI.  Cubanita’s is an excellent Cuban restaurant.  I highly recommend them. Their food is amazing and they make the best Mojito in Milwaukee.  However, I wanted to try something different the night I was there.  So, I ordered a Caipirinha.  I never had a Capirinha before, and was excited to try it.  This Brazilian cocktail has the perfect blend of lime and sugar.  It was an extremely smooth and tasted a lot like limeade.  I could have drank them all night long, but one Caipirinha hit me harder than several drinks typically would.

After having that strong mysterious drink I needed to do some research to figure out what was in that thirst quenching libation.  The Capirinha is very popular in Brazil, and from what I read it is beginning to gain popularity all over the world.  A Caipirinha is made with three ingredients, Cachaça, lime wedges, and sugar. Cachaça, which is the most popular distilled spirit in Brazil, is made just like rum.  The main difference is fresh sugar cane is used instead of molasses.  Also, unlike rum, Cachaça is not usually aged very long, if at all.

To make a Caipirinha you will need:

  • 1/2 of a lime cut into four wedges
  • 2 tsp sugar
  • 1 1/2 oz Cachaça

To make the Caipirinha:

  1. Put the lime wedges and sugar into an old fashioned glass. Muddle the lime wedges to release the juice and oils from the limes.
  2. Fill the glass with crushed ice and add the Cachaça.
  3. Cover the glass with a cocktail shaker and shake well.
  4. Pour the cocktail back into the old fashioned glass and serve.

I’m going to have to pick up some Cachaça, and make some more of these.  They would be excellent on a hot summer day.  Thank you Brazil for this delicious cocktail!


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