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How to Drink Out of A Pineapple

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My post on How To Drink Out of A Coconut was quite popular. Maybe it was because I almost cut off my fingers.  Anyway, I thought I would explore other fun ways to drink Tiki cocktails.  Another fun way to serve Tiki cocktails is to make a cup out of a fresh Pineapple.  Using a pineapple corer it is really easy to remove the fruit from the center of the pineapple to make a cup.  You can pick up a pineapple corer for about $10 at almost any store that sells kitchen gadgets. 

All you have to do is cut the top off the pineapple. Then, twist the corer into the pineapple.  As, you twist the beautiful, sweet aroma of the fresh pineapple will fill the room.  

Be careful, to not go to go all the way through the pineapple.  You should be able to feel where the bottom of the corer is from the outside of the pineapple.

Once, you are getting close to the bottom just pull the corer out of the pineapple and the fruit will come with it.  It seems to help if you turn the pineapple while you pull.  Once the fruit is removed there will be juice in the pineapple that you can save for drinks.  The corer leaves the center in the pineapple, but this can be cut out with a knife.

I had read online that a bar in Australia was serving drinks in a frozen pineapple.  So, I’m going to give this a try.  The frozen pineapple will help keep the drink cold longer, and this should allow you to prepare the pineapples in advance. So, check back soon, and I’ll let you know how it turns out.




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