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At Random: Classic Cocktails in a Retro Setting

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At Random is a classic cocktail bar in Milwaukee, Wisconsin that has been in operation since 1965.  Noting has changed since the renovations that converted the corner tap into a romantic cocktail lounge.  

The decor is a fun snapshot of the late 1960s.  You have to check out the vintage electric fireplaces.  There are plenty of little booths for a romantic night out.  Just watch out for the clown pictures.  They can be a bit creepy.  Overall, the place is very warm and inviting.

At Random serves a long list of classic cocktails.  As usual, I started with a Mai Tai.  When I got the drink  I was surprised at how big it was.  It was deliciously sweet, and tropical.  

For my next drink I had a fog cutter. I really enjoyed the Fog Cutter.  The spices really stood out in this drink.  It was very unique and unlike anything I have had before.  

At Random’s signature drink is the Tiki Love Bowl. The Tiki Love Bowl is a secret concoction of rums and fruit juices that is lit on fire.  The tradition is for the couple to hold hands while drinking the Tiki Love Bowl.  Your cocktail waitress will make sure that the tradition is upheld.  Our bartender Randy was kind enough to pour us a sample of the Tiki Love Bowl. 

Mai TaiBesides Tiki Cocktails they also serve a varity of blended and ice cream drinks.  When was the last time you had a Brandy Alexander?  The snickers bar drink tastes exactly like a snickers bar.  

I was there on a Wednesday night and there was a fair crowd considering the amount of snow that got dumped on Milwaukee a few days prior. I’m told that on Friday and Saturday nights the place is packed.  

After 45 years the owners are still very active.   You can find them tending bar and waiting tables.  I had a great time taking a step back into a bygone time, and having some classic cocktails.  I can’t wait to get back and sample more of the menu.


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