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Bring a Tiki to Work Day

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Bring a Tiki to Work Day was such a fun day!  I put on a Hawaiian shirt, and took one of my more colorful tikis with me to work today. Along with the tiki I brought coconut M&Ms to share with everyone.  

Instead of my normal cup for water I brought in a tiki mug to drink out of.  On my iPod I had exotica and Hawaiian style music playing all day through my headphones, and I changed my computer’s wallpaper to a beautiful tropical sunset.  The day was far more relaxing and enjoyable.

I got a lot of positive feedback and people had wished I had told them in advance so they could have worn Hawaiian shirts and brought in treats.  I think a tiki day at work is on the horizon.

Today, made me realize how grey and dull my cube is. It’s no wonder it can feel depressing around there sometimes.  We don’t have any strict rules about decorations so I think a tropical make over is necessary. I’m also going to keep my tiki mug at work to drink out of instead of my boring old cup.

On days like this I realize work is really what we make of it.  Day in and day out work can become boring, routine, stressful, and downright un-enjoyable.  However, it’s something we all have to do.  By making a conscious effort to find ways to make work fun you might actually have things to look forward to besides quitting time. So why not organize a tiki day at your work?

Dress code allowing, have everyone wear a Hawaiian shirt, and you bring in some cheap decorations for the day, and just have fun with it.  You could even have a cook out over lunch.  If grills make your company nervous just have everyone bring a lunch and eat it outside. You could still bring in snacks to share.  Most companies would embrace a fun event like this especially if it costs them little to nothing, and it will break up the boring routine.

Mahalo to Eric Hedman for organizing Bring A Tiki To Work Day on Facebook!


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