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Castaway Cocktail – Tiki Adventure

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I’m slowly drinking my way through Beach Bum Berry Remixed, and sharing my thoughts, and impressions about each of the cocktails.  As I go through the book from front to back, sampling each one, I’m having a fun Tiki Adventure.  The next cocktail is The Castaway.

The Castaway is based off a 1980s rum shooter called Jamaican Dust. This Tiki cocktail is very simple. It only has three ingredients, pineapple juice, coffee liqueur (Kahlua), and gold rum.  Even though, it only had three ingredients it is still pretty good.   

I was a little skeptical about mixing coffee liqueur and pineapple juice, but the combination is pretty good.  The pineapple juice, and the coffee liqueur make this cocktail almost creamy. The Castaway would work great as an after dinner drink.  

The recipe calls for crushed ice, and I would stick to that with the Castaway.  Anytime a cocktail recipe calls for crushed ice you really want to listen.  Crushed ice is going to melt faster causing the drink to be diluted slightly.  Recipes with crushed ice are designed to have this dilution happen.  Without crushed ice the flavors may be too syrupy or intense.  Just the slight melting of the ice can really transform a drink and take it from being an OK drink to an amazing one.  In the case of coffee liqueur and pineapple juice it’s good to have a little dilution.  Otherwise, the flavors are overly intense and the drink is too thick.  

I don’t think The Castaway is one of my favorite Tiki cocktails.  It doesn’t have a whole lot going on in it.  I prefer a cocktail with a little more going on in it, but it’s still a good cocktail.   

If you are looking for the recipe for The Castaway get a copy of Beach Bum Berry Remixed.  It has a lot of great Tiki Cocktails in it including The Castaway.  Have you tried the Castaway? I’d love to hear what you think about it.  Just leave a comment below.




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