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Foundation Tiki Bar Unveils A New Menu

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Last night, Foundation Tiki Bar in Milwaukee, unveiled their new cocktail menu.  The menu went through a complete transformation. In fact, the only drink that remains from the old menu is the volcano bowl.  Everything else on the menu is new or updated.  There is a great selection of classic tiki cocktails from the 30s all the way through to modern tiki favorites.  I’m getting thirsty just thinking about all the new libations!

With over two dozen drinks on the menu I was excited to get started.  My first selection was a Jet Pilot.  This new addition to the menu really hit the spot, and helped me to quickly forget how cold this spring has been.  This refreshing cocktail had great blend of rum, spices, and citrus.  Unlike, your standard, run of the mill cocktail; a good tiki cocktail has a great amount of depth and offers a bouquet of flavors in every sip.  The Jet Pilot at Foundation fits this definition perfectly, and sent my taste buds to paradise.

Next up was a Piranha.  Our bartender, Michael, told us that this drink made the menu by popular demand.  It started out as one of their specials, and after it came of the list customers kept asking for it.  So piranha fans your drink is now a standard on the menu.  After one sip I could tell why this was a popular request.  The blend of rum, ginger beer, and citrus was great.  The spicy sweet flavor of ginger beer blends really nice with rum and citrus.  

Third, I tried another new menu item, The Port Light.  Foundation’s version of this Kahiki classic is similar to the original.  It has Bourbon, pomegranate, passion fruit, and lemon flavors. The combination of passion fruit, pomegranate, and bourbon was new to me and it was spectacular.  The passion fruit give a nice touch of sweetness, and the pomegranate give a touch of sour.  The bourbon rounded the drink out nicely with an oaky flavor.  It was the perfect combination.  This smooth drink is a symphony for your taste buds that goes down very easy.

While we sampled the new menu, our bartenders Michael and Ron were regaling us with tales of rum and tiki bar adventures.   They both had a lot of great rum knowledge.  I immediately felt right at home in the friendly atmosphere.

Monday night is a great night to visit Foundation if you want a nice crowd that is there to chill out and unwind.  They had a great set of exotica playing all night long.  Other nights, and espeically the weekends, there is a bigger crowd with more of a upbeat attitude.  Foundation is Milwaukee’s only authentic tiki bar, and claims to be the home of Milwaukee’s best Mai Tai.  I have personally sampled Mai Tais at a number of different places in Milwaukee, and hands down, Foundation makes the best Mai Tai around.




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