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El Diablo – A Tiki Adventure on Cinco De Mayo

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For my next cocktail out of Beach Bum Berry Remixed I choose the El Diablo.  It is one of the few Tiki cocktails that has tequila.  With today being Cinco De Mayo it seemed very appropriate.  

 According to alcademics.com this cocktail was first mentioned in Trader Vic’s Book of Food and Drink from 1946.  Then in the 1960s The El Diablo was featured on the menu of Trader Vic’s Mexican Restaurant Chain, Senor Pico.  The recipe was printed throughout the years in may of Trader Vic’s books.

What better cocktail to have on Cinco De Mayo than a cocktail from Trader Vic’s Mexican restaurant chain?  So I combined the fresh lime juice, creme de cassis, tequila, and ginger beer.  Next, I stirred the ingredients gently so the carbonation wouldn’t be lost, and poured the cocktail into a glass filled with crushed ice.  There wasn’t very much of an aroma to this cocktail.  Just a hint of lime juice.  I took my first sip and realized that my bad day was to continue with this cocktail.  

My first impression was that it tasted like ketchup.  The creme de cassis has a very strong flavor.  It make the cocktail sweet and spicy.  My best description is ketchup with a hint of mustard spice.  My guess is the cassis is meant to cover the flavor of the tequila, because the tequila flavor was very subtle. 

I thought this can’t be right.  So I read the instructions again and made another.  To my dismay it tasted the same.  I gave the cocktail one last chance and added an extra half ounce of lime juice.  This cut he cassis flavor down a bit, but it still was terrible.  If you are a fan of creme de cassis I’m sure you’ll like an El Diablo, but this is one cocktail that isn’t for me.  I dumped it out and made myself a Cuba Libre.  I guess that is why I call this an adventure. You never know what you are going to get.




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