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The Outrigger Cocktail – A Tiki Adventure

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The next cocktail in my adventures through Beach Bum Berry Remixed is The Outrigger.  This little cocktail comes in at only 3 oz.  The Outrigger was invented by Beachbum Berry himself.  He was on a quest to find a rum alternative to the classic Sidecar.  Finding no existing recipes he developed one on his own, and the Outrigger was born.

The outrigger has three simple ingredients, Gold Barbados Rum, Triple Sec, and fresh squeezed lemon juice.  The ingredients are shaken with ice and then strained into a 3 oz cocktail glass that has been rimmed with sugar.  Sadly, I didn’t have quite the right cocktail glass.  So I used a Champaign flute.  As you can see from my picture it was way to big for the cocktail.  However, it still tasted good.  

Since the recipe calls for Barbados rum, I tried Cockspur Five Star Rum first. The Cockspur Five Star was a little to harsh for this cocktail.  The lemon flavors didn’t sit quite right with this rum.  On it’s own, Cockspur has nice hints of vanilla, and caramel to begin with.  Those flavors melt away to a buttery flavor, and the oak, from the barrels the rum was aged in, also comes through nicely.  So far so good….  Then, the finish, reveals flavors of racquet ball, and that’s where Cockspur looses me.  It is still a good rum.  It just isn’t quite right for cocktails where the flavors of the rum come through strong.  I’d imagine that Cockspur’s higher quality rums are better for sipping.

For my second attempt I used a local, Milwaukee, rum.  Roaring Dan’s Maple Flavored Rum.  This rum worked really well in the Outrigger.  The Roaring Dan’s was a lot smoother than the Cockspur.  The maple flavors come through very nicely.  The lemon and the maple flavors married together nicely in the Outrigger.  The Outrigger may not be my favorite Tiki cocktail, but I’m sure I’ll be having it again.  It’s a nice switch from a Daiquiri, but still in the same family.  

 If you are looking for the complete Outrigger recipe check out Beach Bum Berry Remixed , or if you are really desperate Google it.  I just don’t give out the recipe since Beachbum Berry worked hard to put the book together. Who am I to give away the recipes.




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